Build Momentum

A leader in fractional outbound sales development.

★   High Velocity Cold Calling
★   Appointment Setting
★   Omni-Channel Outreach

SalesGig: A leader in fractional outbound sales development.

Sales Acceleration

Imagine having the best US-based cold calling sales development reps aggressively and consistently filling your sales funnel with qualified meetings.

With SalesGig, that’s your reality!

Our clients gain access to the best people, process, and technology to secure an unfair advantage over the competition!

We work strategically to define ideal prospect targets, build high-converting messages, efficiently start conversations, and effectively schedule meetings.  

We focus on optimizing conversations and meetings so you can focus on winning new business!

Build Sales Momentum


Activate Marketing

Turn marketing leads into sales appointments.


Expand Reach

Consistently generate outbound activity to expand total market reach.


Drive Revenue

Focus on closing more business through increased sales opportunities.


Create Awareness

Increase brand awareness to avoid missing out on sales opportunities.


Schedule Meetings

Meetings open conversations enabling sales to engage and nurture to close.


Build Pipeline

Pipeline. Pipeline. Pipeline. A proven way to increase sales.

What Clients Say


Kara B.

CEO, LeadCoverage

“Partnering with SalesGig strengthens our ability to proactively activate marketing through targeted conversations delivering qualified opportunities to top of sales funnel.”


Mike R.

Sr. Director Strategy, Skaled

“SalesGig has proven to be a strong partner driving high value meetings and market insights to fill sales pipelines with new opportunities.”


Lori M.

VP Marketing, Hunt Club

"We partnered with SalesGig to help us convert more of our leads into sales opportunities. We've seen an immediate impact in SalesGig converting dials into appointments quickly. We look forward to a continued successful partnership!"

Outbound Motion Benefits



More Leads

Companies with Sales Development close 8x the number of leads




More Pipeline

A 5% increase in selling time can yield a 20% increase in revenue




More Revenue

A 1% increase in opportunity value can yield a 25% increase in revenue

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