Outbound Lead Generation

We focus on scheduling sales meetings, so you can focus on closing deals.
SalesGig: A leader in fractional outbound sales development.

Outsourced Lead Generation

Outbound lead generation is an art. It requires dedicated focus on the people, process, and technology to generate consistent results. Partnering with SalesGig for outsourced lead generation, you gain the knowledge and experience of dedicated sales resources plus you gain the proven strategies, enablement tools, prospect lists, and support of an entire team focused on driving real results, faster!

Outbound Sales Development

Our sales development resources work on a part-time to full-time basis to develop outsourced sales campaigns matching the goals of each client. Our Client Strategy Directors function as an extension of our client’s team to drive consistently strong outcomes.

Multi-Channel Strategy

Executing a successful outbound lead generation program requires consistent activity and targeted follow up. LinkedIn, email and phones are all effective outbound channels to engage prospects and expertly combined can be even more powerful. At SalesGig, we use all three channels to build robust strategies to engage prospects and deliver meaningful outcomes.

LinkedIn Social Selling

Most companies are not maximizing the full potential of LinkedIn to generation leads. With our LinkedIn automation, personalization, and targeting we help any B2B company quickly increase market awareness, reach, and fill their sales pipeline.  

Event Marketing Activation

Webinars and conferences are excellent sources for prospect engagement. Our team will dial to fill your event with attendees or follow up after the event to quickly engage and book sales meetings.”  

Our Playbook

Build Strategy

Our team partners to build effective campaigns based upon ideal client profiles and buyer persona targeting. We help create lists or enrich client data to optimize conversations.

Create Messaging

We create compelling scripts, plan objections handling, and use our experiential data to create an engaging conversation.


Our experienced sales development reps are uniquely skilled to effectively convert conversations to meetings. We leverage technology to efficiently handle large prospect lists and deliver consistent outreach and follow up to set the meetings.


We build momentum through an agile approach with fast iterations and changes reacting to current data - all to turn effort into operationally efficient outcomes that fill your sales funnel.


Our team provides access to real-time reporting on meetings, dials, performance ratios, and outcomes. Your team has full transparency to the process. SalesGig holds monthly success reviews to recap results and discuss strategies to stay aligned.

Our "Exhaust Data" Secret

When we go outbound, we have 1000’s of conversations and not all result in a meeting — at least, not right now! So we add them to our follow up, continue to nurture the conversation and over time the funnel builds as we become increasingly more and more efficient for our clients.  A “good no” today is a “great meeting” tomorrow. Shhhh…don’t tell!


Kara B.

CEO, LeadCoverage

“Partnering with SalesGig strengthens our ability to proactively activate marketing through targeted conversations delivering qualified opportunities to top of sales funnel.”


Mike R.

Sr. Director Strategy, Skaled

“SalesGig has proven to be a strong partner driving high value meetings and market insights to fill sales pipelines with new opportunities.”


Lori M.

VP Marketing, Hunt Club

"We partnered with SalesGig to help us convert more of our leads into sales opportunities. We've seen an immediate impact in SalesGig converting dials into appointments quickly. We look forward to a continued successful partnership!"

Conrad K

Partner, VP Marketing

“Great Team To Work With That Focuses On Results”

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“Excellent outsourced SDR shop run by professionals”

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“SalesGig is helping us find sales we couldn't find on our own”

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