SalesGig enables professionals to refer
qualified leads to companies.

Our Story

We wanted to make a difference by helping professionals earn additional sources of income and helping companies increase their demand-generation by leveraging the gig economy.
So we began!

We spoke to hundreds of companies and professionals. Then we tested, tinkered, and trialed. Finally, we began making connections, and something wild happened. It worked!

The feedback from companies validated our vision of strategically tapping into new referral lead sources with greater trust, faster sales cycles, and higher sales success. It added value!

Professionals started generating income from referrals and helping their network access the services they needed. They said it was easy, fun, and rewarding. They wanted more!

… So We Built It!

Today, Professionals can make money helping their networks solve problems, and Companies can access the network effect of a large sales team looking for leads to grow revenue. It’s a win-win!

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Our Why

 SalesGig, a b2b lead generation marketplace

Advantages of referrals

Happy customers are the best referral marketing tool, but a referral from a trusted professional can be just as effective.   SalesGig Professionals are already in the marketplace helping contacts find new providers.  They are primed to refer businesses to businesses.

Connecting companies and professionals

SalesGig enables companies to generate qualified leads leveraging the power of professional’s established network. It's less expensive than expanding the sales team and higher touch than a digital campaign. SalesGig does this by connecting companies and professionals who can connect with target buyers.

Enhance your sales strategy


of Sales Reps
Say their #1 challenge is lead quantity and quality


of Buyers
Trust referrals from people they know


of Buyers
Believe recommendations over other forms of marketing

What people are saying


John Anderson


SalesGig has helped our company generate “hot” leads referred from their network of decision-makers ready to evaluate and buy. We would never have been able to access these opportunities prior to joining SalesGig.


Dan Norman


Our sales team is now focused more on selling deals and less on lead generation because of SalesGig.


Annie James


SalesGig provided a portfolio of referral partners to help me grow my consulting business. PLUS, now I make money off the referrals. It's great!


Michael Winters


I love making referrals to companies on the SalesGig platform because I know they will work hard to help my connections solve their pressing business challenges. These companies help me be a strong partner to their business.