A leader in fractional outbound sales development.

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SalesGig: A leader in fractional outbound sales development.

Our Story

SalesGig is an outsourced, fractional to full-time, sales development organization built to support our B2B clients. We deploy proven outbound cold call strategies to help our client expand reach, open conversations, and create robust sales funnels to accelerate sales results.

SalesGig was founded to help small-to-midsize companies play big, compete, and win more!

To accomplish this, we utilize world class sales technology, employ exceptional US-based sales development reps, and leverage the best firmographic, technographic, and intent data to efficiently and effectively fill the sales funnel. We are not magicians, but often create what feels like magic. We use data to tell the story, iterate on messaging, and optimize to achieve winning results.

Bottom line: we fill the sales funnel.


Ben Goldberg

Founder & CEO

Ben started SalesGig to help clients stand out and share their value at scale. Prior to SalesGig, Ben was President and owner of an employment screening company leading the organization from 20 employees to 200 employees with 2,500 global customers prior to the successful sale to CareerBuilder. At CareerBuilder, Ben was elevated to divisional CEO where the organization grew to 700 employees and 6,000 global clients. During his tenure, sales and sales revenues grew exponentially, EBITDA expanded 10x, the company won HRO Today Baker’s Dozen recognition 7 times, completed ISO certification, SOC2 Type 2 certification, and established 65+ ATS partnerships. Ben received an MBA and Bachelors from Colorado State University.

Eric Schaefges


Eric has spent his life behind-the-scenes of small, midsize, and enterprise businesses, and he knows how good data can only get you so far - unless you put that data to use.  In his career as a Data Consultant and VP of Product & Operations, Eric has expansive knowledge of how to transform customer information and staff trends into actionable, measurable results that impact the bottom line.  Eric loves to act as the “Tech Whisperer” bridging the gap between the customer’s needs and the developer’s abilities.  Working in the past to increase EBITDA while maintaining customer satisfaction in a highly regulated industry, Eric has run Ops teams from 5 to 700, led ISO 9001 certification, and led an award-winning product team before transitioning to his time at SalesGig.  Eric received a degree in Communications from Wheaton College.

Kevin Hopp

VP Sales Development

Kevin is a self-proclaimed cold calling evangelist and joined SalesGig to consultatively work with clients to build high-converting sales development strategy. Prior to SalesGig, Kevin provided sales development consulting to some of the largest US companies. Kevin got his first sales development role as the first employee at a tech startup in San Diego. He quickly became a student of the process, technologies, methods, and strategies to achieve results. What makes Kevin stand out is building processes that produce reliable revenue time after time. Kevin received a degree in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara.

Erica Goode

VP Finance

Erica is a Certified Public Accountant that comes to us with a wealth of experience in both Fortune 50 corporate finance and Big 4 public accounting.  She started her career at KPMG Chicago where she audited companies like Solo Cup, Pepsi Co, and Midas.  After leaving public accounting, she joined Walgreen Co. where she led financial oversight for business units of up to $22B in revenue.

Michelle Scerbin

VP Sales Enablement

Michelle has extensive experience supporting companies (start-ups to global Fortune 50) in their execution of business strategies. Michelle's primary focus is on guiding organizations in developing and executing sales and marketing strategies, boosting performance through higher conversion, adoption, and retention. Michelle is a Marketing Science Institute member, an active learner in masters' curricula from Yale and UIUC, and a Board Member of two non-profit organizations. Michelle received a master-level certificate with GE's Corporate Financial Management Program and earned a Bachelor's from the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign in Economics and Pre-Law.

James Bawden

Client Strategy Director

James has over 12 years’ experience in sales and specializes in B2B outbound sales development strategy. James joined SalesGig to help clients build sales momentum, formulate strategies, and iterate to define what generates predictable results for clients. James lives and breathes all things demand generation and brings the energy to every SalesGig engagement.

Kayla Marshall

Social Selling Manager

Kayla is a communication and copywriting master. She joined SalesGig to accelerate sales development through social platforms, create scripts that increase engagement, and develop strategies to align with the desired target market. In the past, she has had several years in social media management, brand management, and being a business owner. She is currently on the road to receiving her Masters in Integrative Communications and Advertising at Purdue University and has earned her Bachelors in Marketing at The Ohio State University.


Pavel Sokolovsky

Founder @eComfort.com

Eddie Lou

Fellow Cohort 6 at EHF

Ruth Stevens

B2B Marketing Consultant

Abdel Tefridj

CEO  at Data Bid Machine

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